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Is this a covered loss?

We can give you advice based on our previous experiences but the best way to find out if your loss is covered is to contact your insurance agent. Coverage really depends on your policy’s underwriting.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

Usually, a contractor will request you pay the deductible upfront as a form of deposit before work begins. This is typical in most losses.

Do I have to hire the contractor my insurance company recommends?

No. The insurance company can recommend you use someone whom they have had results with before but the decision is yours to make. Just be sure the scope of work is agreed upon with your insurance company and contractor.

Will you bill my insurance company directly?

Yes! We work with all insurance companies and deal directly with your adjuster to agree upon the scope and price of work.

Am I allowed to upgrade any materials or make changes to my floor plan while the reconstruction takes place?

Yes! We will work with you to rebuild your home any way you want. We extend our discounted builders’ pricing to you on upgrades on materials for your home throughout the restoration process. You will be responsible for any upgrade costs and anything outside of the insurance company’s scope of work.

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